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Working for an Education - 740 Words

The United States is a country where just about every one has chance to attend college. Unfirtantly not every one of those individuals has the oppurtinity to finish college. In Dave Leonhardts article â€Å"The College Dropout Boom†- he claims that there is a wideing gap between the children of the rich and the children of the poor when it comes to education. Dave Leonhardt discusses the factors that goes into the notion that there is a wideing gap between children from poor parents and children of wealthy parents. Despite the fact that the American system of higher learning has become a great equalizer, their are still groups of people who struggle to ear a college degree. Most notably those in the middle and low income class. Being a student that comes from a middle class family who is neither poor nor wealthy, I have experienced both sides of the spectrum that Dave Leonhardts article discuses. That has left me on the verge of dropping out of college or too continue my college education. A leading reason on why middle and low income students tend to drop out of college before getting their college degree is that they could be unknowingly be following the example of their own parents who may not have gotten a degree of their own as young adults. In many instances the parents of middle and low income students did not have the opportunity to attend college ,or had too drop out of school because of the demands of a growing family. Sometimes life gets in the way andShow MoreRelatedIs The American Education System Working?936 Words   |  4 PagesIs The American Education system working? Student loan debt is responsible for $1.2 Trillion of the US s national debt. Over the past several years, the youth of this country’s futures have been based off of social status and test scores. A student from the suburbs of a wealthy community is more likely to go on to a prosperous four year college than a colored male or female from the inner city. These are facts that should not be overlooked; by any means. This subject is not black and white or richRead MoreWorking As A Special Education Teacher901 Words   |  4 Pages Walking Into another Position I was transitioned into another position at another school. I was currently working as a Special Education teacher. I had a close working relationship with the parents and staff members until a situation caused me to lose my job. One of my mentors called an IEP meeting and signed my name on the legal binding document. The parent called me requiring about the meeting while I was on sick leave. I wasn’t aware a meeting had taken place. She asked me, why would I signedRead MoreInter Professional Working On Education1796 Words   |  8 PagesThe Inter-Professional Working module involved the study of multi-agency working in the Primary school in order to give all children with ASN, EAL and other difficulties that may prevent them from getting the best out of their learning experience the best education they can attain. Throughout this assignment there will be discussion involving what is meant by ‘inter-professional working in education’, how inter-professional worki ng in education can help to meet the aims of GIRFEC (Getting It RightRead MoreWorking Experience Is More Important Than Education1442 Words   |  6 PagesWorking Experience is More Important than Education Its been a question that society has debated for a long time. Does education or work experience provide the most benefits and therefore hold more importance for children and society as a whole? Many people believe that its the most important for children to spend time becoming highly educated so that they can obtain great jobs. Others believe that children and adults should gain work experience instead because this will lead to better jobs. BothRead MoreWorking Class Students and Higher Education Essay1325 Words   |  6 Pages    Working Class Students and Higher Education    Authors Michelle Tokarczyk, Peter Sacks, Robert Haverman and Timothy Smeeding all write about certain problems that working class students are facing in education in the U.S. , especially in college education which is usually defined as higher education. Although they focus on different aspects of the problem, they still have some ideas in common. In their articles, all of them discuss how economic and social class occupies a very significant roleRead MoreLearning Inner Workings Of The United States Education System1102 Words   |  5 Pagesareas are how the United States education system works, what drives a teacher, and what makes a teacher effective. This explication will focus on the three educational areas that have made the biggest impact on me this semester. A major factor I have taken away this semester is learning inner workings of the United States education system. I learned how it was a system that was not meant to benefit everyone. In its early states, only young white males received an education. This system was constantlyRead MoreEMPLOYMENT VS EDUCATION: WORKING STUDENTS‚Äà ´ PERCEPTION AND PRIORITIZATION OF BSOA WORKING STUDENTS1809 Words   |  8 Pagesï » ¿ EMPLOYMENT VS EDUCATION: WORKING STUDENTS’ PERCEPTION AND PRIORITIZATION OF BSOA WORKING STUDENTS Belmonte, Darwin Calingasan, Chesca Calumpiano, Deo Macabenta, Angeline Omlas, Dorris Anne Sanoy, Cierissa Joy Talaro, Cristine RESEARCHERS SY: 2014-2015 Chapter I The Problem and Its Background INTRODUCTION Students are working hard, a new study finds, taking on part-time and even sometimes full-time jobs to avoid racking up more debt while in school. They have differentRead MoreWorking For Inner City Education Foundation Public Charter Schools1368 Words   |  6 PagesIn many aspects of life, it is essential that you work with other individuals as a team. You can work in a team whether it is school, work, or your personal life. This year I started working for Inner City Education Foundation public charter schools, specifically ICEF Inglewood Elementary Academy. The school has approximately 40 staff members that were all placed together by the director of the school. There are multiple classifications at my job such as instructional assistants, teachers, officeRead MoreA Case Study Of 27 Working Class Students Across The Uk Higher Education Institutions Essay805 Words   |  4 PagesThis is a case study of 27 working class students across the UK higher education institutions looking at the different sociological understanding of student identification to determine their social and academic aspects ( Reay, D., Crozier, G. and Clayton, J. 2010). In 2010 the year which this paper was written statistics from the U.K Universities and College Admissions Services (UCAS) showed that the 24.72% of those accepted were from the four lowest socio-economic groups in 2005 and in the previousRead MoreGraduation Speech On The Field Of Education Without Being Prepared For Working Partnership With Parents3219 Words   |  13 Pageskid properly. Researches have reached to the conclusion that teachers enter in the field of education without being prepared for working in partnership with parents (Epstein, 2001; Hiatt Michael, 2001). Therefore, future teachers enroll in education with inappropriate background how to properly initiate a proper relationship with parents, thus build bridges for after school communication. Special education is a new field in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and people in general lack to the knowledge how

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Comprehensive Plan to Improve Human Resources Essay

2010 6/21/2010 Whole Foods Market Comprehensive Plan to Improve the Quality of Selected Human Resource Management Practices Table of Contents Whole Foods Market: Introduction 4 Whole Foods Market: The Organization 4 Whole Foods Market: Challenges and Opportunities 5 Whole Foods Market: Human Resource Management Strategies 6 Whole Foods Market: Recommended Strategies for Improvement 8 Whole Foods Market: Plan Evaluation and Measurements 10 Whole Foods Market: Conclusion 10 References 11 (Retrieved from Whole Foods Market website at Whole Foods Market: Introduction Whole Foods Market- a company that doesn’t think of itself as a company, but as a community†¦show more content†¦This year, 2010, the company’s business model includes continued focus on vital areas of the company by focusing in on purchasing with regards to the business while creating more worth for the consumer regarding pricing (Whole Foods Market, n.d). In the letter to the stakeholders (2009), Mackey, CEO desires to stay focused on dropping operating cost without harming the customer experience. Additionally, he states that as an organization they are committed to being better custodians of capital and producing free cash flow on a yearly basis. In the future, Mackey foresees new smaller stores that are less expensive, and an increase return on invested capital. A recent 2009 SWOT Analysis of the organization from Datamonitor (2009) listed some additional opportunities such as the recent strategic acquisitions that helped in strengthening their market position. These acquisitions also help the organization to expand its operations in the natural and organic foods markets as well as increase its client base and the number of product categories. One acquisition in particular is the merge with Wild Oats Market in 2007. Other opportunities recorded by Datamonitor (2009) include the growing demand for private label products. Recent economic conditions have warranted companies to offer less expensive private label products as an alternative to the customers’ needs. Whole Foods Market: Human Resource ManagementShow MoreRelatedDeveloping New Designs And Initiatives1629 Words   |  7 Pagesglobal marketplace, an organization that exceeds is one that continually strives to classify and focus on factors critical to its customers. In addition, improve its process to ensure safety with adequate staffing by providing the best care possible, â€Å"in order to survive, the organization must find ways to expand efficiency by decreasing their resource, administrative, and labor cost without forfeiting quality of care. According to the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), a leader in quality improvementRead MoreDevry Hsm 541 Final Exam 2015 Essay1099 Words   |  5 PagesHealth Service Systems Week 8 – Final 1. (TCO A) You are the newly hired Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO) for a mid-size hospital in a semiurban area of the country. Your first task is to develop the organization’s strategic plan that will shape the development of a comprehensive network of services for their community. The organization provides the usual array of inpatient services expected in a moderate-sized community hospital. A local nursing home and retirement community is for sale, and the organizationRead MoreHs 541 Final1066 Words   |  5 Pagespage 1 1. (TCO A). You are a healthcare consultant hired by the Midwest Healthcare System to assist them in developing their organizations strategic plan that will shape the development of a comprehensive network of services for their community. The organization provides the usual array of inpatient services expected in a moderate-sized community hospital. A local nursing home and retirement community is for sale, and the organization is considering the purchase of that agency. ThereRead MoreAn Argument For Community Change1161 Words   |  5 Pagesquality of our waters is degrading at an alarming rate; the human race contributes to the problem daily, often without realizing it. Water pollution in Florida is reducing pure water sources at a drastic rate, destroying natural beauty, and severely impacting the survival of local wildlife. Human actions are a major contribution to this issue, therefore citizen awareness is the highest workable solution to diminish the threat and improve the degradation of our waterways. Florida cities near majorRead MoreComplex Organization And System Change : Implementing Of Local Anesthetic Systemic Toxicity Program Analysis996 Words   |  4 Pages(Parry, 2011). It requires that anesthesia s taff have a comprehensive understanding of the best practices associated with local anesthesia to provide safe care for patients in the surgery setting (White Spruce, 2015). The LAST program is focusing on improving early detection, crisis preparedness, and treatment effectiveness of LAST in a hospital setting. Implementing a LAST program in the anesthesiology department can significantly improve the anesthesia staff’s ability to detect and treat thisRead MoreDeveloping New Designs And Initiatives1297 Words   |  6 Pageseconomical, global marketplace, an organization that exceeds is one that continually strives to classify and focus on factors critical to its customers. And, improve its process to ensure safety with adequate staffing by providing the best care possible, â€Å"in order to survive, the organization must find ways to expand efficiency by decreasing their resource, administrative, and labor cost without forfeiting quality of care. According to the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), a leader in quality improvementRead MoreAn Argument For Community Change1265 Words   |  6 Pagesquality of our waters is degrading at an alarming rate; the human race contributes to the problem daily, often without realizing it. Water pollution in Florida is reducing pure water sources at a drastic rate, destroying natural beauty, and severely impacting the survival of local wildlife. Human actions are a major contribution to this issue, therefore citizen awareness is the highest workable solution to diminish the threat and improve the degradation of our waterways. Florida cities near majorRead MoreReview Of Compensation Based Off Feedback Surveys Or Attrition1567 Words   |  7 PagesLastly, Human resource is also constantly evaluating how effective the company policies and practices are working. These evaluations also provide insight into what areas might need improvement, whether it is new or additional training needs. Review of compensation based off feedback surveys or attrition. These performance checks are done at various levels and can be conducted at preset times throughout the year. Understanding the difference between Performance Management versus Performance AppraisalRead MoreSubstance Abuse In America Case Study780 Words   |  4 Pagesreaching this community that once was known as being close knitted, family orientated and inseparable. In simpler terms this means that West Virginia has now become a part of the United States $510.8 billion cost for treatment needs (Comprehensive Substance Abuse Strategic Plan, 2011). Historically, West Virginias has always been known as being able to work through very difficult times, but today’s citizens of this community are continuing to worry about the solution to the substance abuse, use and misuseRead MoreHuman Resource Management And Talent Development Plan739 Words   |  3 PagesCareer Development Plan Andrea Florenz Human Resource Management Talent Development/Argosy University Dr. Sarah Dale June 08, 2016 Introduction The purpose of this paper is to answer the given questions and explain the six components of a Career Development Plan, which are the employee learning plan, needs assessment, comprehensive development plan, roadmap to development of a career development plan, other factors in program development, individual career development plan integrated with

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Four Little Girls Free Essays

Documentary Film Analysis Worksheet For History 221 and History 222 Professor Tondeur Instructions: †¢ You will find the list of films you can choose from in the Lesson section of the course. †¢ Go to the list and pick your film. You must view the entire film. We will write a custom essay sample on Four Little Girls or any similar topic only for you Order Now If you can’t access films because of deployment, geographic location, or other reasons, please let your instructor know so they can give you an alternate assignment. †¢ You must answer in complete sentences, using a short answer/paragraph format. Cut and paste your answers into the Student Submission box for Assignment #2 and submit it as a Word document. 1. What is the title of the film you picked? 2. Why did you pick this film over the others offered? 3. What is/are the central message(s) of this documentary/fictional film? Be specific. Use examples from the film to support your choice. 4. Consider the effectiveness of the film for this history class. What are its strengths and weaknesses of this film in documenting history? . How do you think the filmmakers want the audience to respond? Is there a social justice message? If so, what is it? 6. Did the documentary leave you with any unanswered questions? If so, what were they? 7. How did this film change any misconcepti ons or stereotypes you had about the subject matter? If so, what were they? 8. What is the most important thing you learned from watching the film? 9. Why is this film important to understanding contemporary African American History? How to cite Four Little Girls, Essay examples

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Construction Management Economic Growth of Country

Question: Describe about the Construction Management for Economic Growth of Country. Answer: Literature Review: Construction management Construction industry is one of the largest sector in the world. It contributes immensely in the economic growth of the country. Construction industry assist in recruiting a large number of labour and creates employment opportunity. The projects yield immense return on investment and profitability. However the sector is not free from risk and challenges. Working at construction is not free from limitations. Materials and construction waste impact on environment well-being and accelerate pollution level. In this regard sustainability or adopting responsible measures in construction work has gained importance. Persson (2009), discussed that sustainability in construction is a vast as well as complex area which should be focussed for improving environment management and ensure well-being of people. Consumption of recourses in an ethical manner leaves a significant impact on environment. Sustainability in construction is an important step, it is considered for managing the waste produced on demolition activity, emissions from vehicles, machineries, noise pollution at the construction site that is produced by heavy vehicles and construction machineries and releases of wastes and pollutants into water, ground and atmosphere (Alsaadi and Acar, 2016). Sustainable approaches in construction project Construction industry is challenging than any other industry according to Delnavaz (2012), every project is unique and involve high risk in management of the project. Hence adopting sustainable or ethical approaches is of immense importance in building development work. Sustainability is strictly about improving the quality of human life while managing the waste and construction material in a planned manner. Since construction domain consume a large amount of material it is the responsibility of the company to ensure that the sustainability of the society is managed in a proper way. Green building development is an important step in the sustainable construction work. It has been studied that green building uses around 36% less energy in comparison to the conventional buildings and also cause low Co2 emission. Constructing green building as discussed by Heravi (2014), is a responsible step under sustainable measure in construction domain. Green building concepts could be hence applied to new projects and efficient buildings should be developed. The benefits of green building practices include a lower as well as efficient use of energy, water and other natural resources. These buildings further ensure improved health and safety standards for the residents, as well as this construction technology reduces environmental impact, through implementation of less waste-production and environment pollution. Risk and challenge management in construction domain: Sustainable building is often identified as those buildings that contribute in sustainable development. Success of a construction project largely depends on ways in which project is managed and risks are eliminated from the project work. Risk management is an important step in the construction project which help in elimination of challenges from the project work. Project requires control and risk identification approaches so that it is equipped to handle and manage issues in a systematic manner (Persson, 2009). Companies adopt key policies and procedure to manage risk in a defined manner. Under risk management the key focus is given on risk identification process. Risk identification and evaluation help in preparing the team for handling problems as and when required. There could be different types of problems that could impact on the construction work, while some disaster could be man-made others could be natural. Hence adopting risk management approaches help in identifying the iss ues at an early stage and controlling thus become easier (Euripides, 2008). It is evident from the empirical research work that there are various facets of a construction project and this should be addressed in a planned manner. The survey on construction management and importance of documentation and data management has evolved as an integral part of construction project. A successful project management is possible only after apt coordination of human and material resources within the project (Ylln, 2012). Disaster often lead to huge loss at the construction site. Natural and man-made disaster could be controlled by implementing disaster management approaches coupled with risk strategies. Reference 1: Rountos A. Euripides (2008), Troubled Projects in Constructions Due to Inadequate Risk Management The research work explores the reason behind the failure of construction projects due to inadequate risk management and also suggests effective ways of recovery. Lack of risk analysis has caused havoc at the building construction work sites. Some of the key problems that has studied here as a result of ignoring risk management are increased production cost, reduction of profit, damage brand image and even insolvency. This article has also established the fact that in the coming years implementation of risk management approach will help in ensuring ways in which the construction project will succeed. It has been underpinned during the course of the research that failure of implementing risk management strategies could lead to delay in project work, increase in overhead cost and market change. Reference 2: Yimam, A. (2011). PROJECT MANAGEMENT MATURITY IN THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY OF DEVELOPING COUNTRIES. Department of Civil Environmental Engineering. The journal studies ways in which project management has improved over the years in the construction industry of developing countries in the world. Within the course of exploring the maturity of PM the researcher has identified two main gaps that exist within the maturity model and then addresses ways of overcoming such gaps to improve building construction activity. It has been realised that the management of construction project demands special expertise and knowledge as it is different from general projects. After presenting an overview of construction project work in the economically emerging countries the analyst has culminated the discussion in an interesting manner. Reference 3 Heravi, A. (2014). Improving Construction Management: An Investigation Into The Influences Of Effective Stakeholder Involvement On Project Quality Outcomes. Improving Construction Management: An Investigation into the Influences of Effective Stakeholder Involvement on Project Quality Outcomes. The research work argues that several since quality is an integral aspect of business management, construction firms have adopted quality evaluation and improvement methods over the past few years. Engineers have specifically focussed on implementing quality management in construction projects. While the large firms successfully implemented the improvement management system, the general companies faced challenges while incorporating quality management system. The research further shed a light on role of stakeholder and stakeholder influence on construction project management work. Thus the study has addressed several key issues like the present level of stakeholder involvement in the planning process of the project ad also explored how far the stakeholder involvement assisted in managing and improving quality issue of the construction project. Reference 4: Ylln, M. (2012). Agile project management in the construction industry - An inquiry of the opportunities in construction projects. Real Estate and Construction Management. The respective research project underpinned ways in which the project management approaches within the construction industry have changed significantly in the past few years. The researcher has introduced a new dimension in the study by referring to technological innovation and involvement in the construction industry. It is here it has been discussed that agile project management evolved from the software industry and the approach assists in managing large complex projects where products are difficult to estimate at the nascent stage. The researcher has largely emphasised on underpinning positive effect of implementing agile approaches in the construction projects. Reference 5: Sapuay, S. (2016). Construction Waste Potentials and Constraints. Procedia Environmental Sciences, 35, pp.714-722. The journal discussed that construction industry generates waste and unusual materials that pollute the environment. Contractors should be held responsible for maintaining a sanitary work environment and also focus on adopting aft measure for waste disposal. Adoption of apt approaches would help in incorporating approaches to reuse and recycle the waste to use in the development project. Hence waste management is an important area which should be specifically managed by the construction team so that the discarded materials does not pollute the environment and impact on the nature in a negative way. Reference 6: Alsaadi, O. and Acar, E. (2016). Using Construction Project Management Knowhow for Disaster Recovery Projects - A Synthesis of Literature. This journal explores the issue from a unique perspective, here the researcher has investigated on an unexpected problem which may suddenly impact and cause havoc. Natural or man-made disasters have the potential of causing loss of lives, damage and property loss. Builders often suffer from havoc loss if remained unprepared and unplanned. Hence the investigation on disaster management issues in connection to the construction industry here specifically conveys various ways in which the natural calamity could impact on project and management and highlights how the team should manage such disasters. Reference 7: Kozlovska, M., Mackova, D. and Spisakova, M. (2016). Survey of Construction Management Documentation Usage in Planning and Construction of Building Project. Procedia Engineering, 161, pp.711-715. The respective journal emphasises on the issue that combination of both human and material resources leads to project success. Construction process is complicated and hence every project needs to be handled carefully so that it is executed in a significant manner. It further emphasises on importance of planning and management in the construction process and discussed that documentation is an integral aspect of construction work as apt data management help in smooth work execution. It can be further understood from the journal that construction companies have focussed their attention in the apt project management through material handling. Reference 8: Jayasudha, K., Vidivelli, D. and Surjith, E. (2014). Risk Assessment and Management in Construction Projects. International Journal of Scientific Engineering Research, 5(8). This journal has depicted that the construction of projects like bridge development is steeped in uncertainties. Uncertainty and challenges are common in construction work. Thus the site should be managed properly. Risk management is a unique approach that could help in analysing project risk. The journal also discussed ways of eliminating risk or reducing impact of risk and increase level of control. There are different types of risk which could impact on construction work. However, adaptation of effective measures help in eliminating risk and challenges from a project work. The researcher has also discussed advantages and disadvantages of risk management. Reference 9: Persson, U. (2009). Management of sustainability in construction works. Division of Construction Management. From the research work it can be cited that sustainability is an integral aspect of construction project and engineers should include ethical as well as sustainable measures to reduce negative impact on the natural environment. The journal has successfully discussed sustainability in construction work, corporate sustainability and knowledge transfer. Sustainability measures help in reducing environment impact and protection of natural environment is of key importance. Sustainability in construction management aim at reducing negative impact on nature and decrease emission of Co2 and green house impact. Reference 10: Delnavaz, M. (2012). Project Managers Role in Sustainable Building Process. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. The discussion begins with focussing on green movement and how it has impacted on construction and building management work. The article has further determined the importance of developing green building to protect environment and adopt sustainable measures in a strategic way. In the light of this investigation the paper has also pointed out that sustainable building development is expensive and operational cost increases steeply. While the national economy could benefit from reducing emission and incorporate use of natural resources by sustainable buildings. References Alsaadi, O. and Acar, E. (2016). Using Construction Project Management Knowhow for Disaster Recovery Projects - A Synthesis of Literature. Delnavaz, M. (2012). Project Managers Role in Sustainable Building Process.Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Euripides, R. (2008). Troubled Projects In Constructions Due To Inadequate Risk Management.Project Management Program. Heravi, A. (2014). Improving Construction Management: An Investigation Into The Influences Of Effective Stakeholder Involvement On Project Quality Outcomes.Improving Construction Management: An Investigation into the Influences of Effective Stakeholder Involvement on Project Quality Outcomes. Jayasudha, K., Vidivelli, D. and Surjith, E. (2014). Risk Assessment and Management in Construction Projects.International Journal of Scientific Engineering Research, 5(8). Kozlovska, M., Mackova, D. and Spisakova, M. (2016). Survey of Construction Management Documentation Usage in Planning and Construction of Building Project.Procedia Engineering, 161, pp.711-715. Persson, U. (2009). Management of sustainability in construction works.Division of Construction Management. Sapuay, S. (2016). Construction Waste Potentials and Constraints.Procedia Environmental Sciences, 35, pp.714-722. Yimam, A. (2011). Project Management Maturity In The Construction Industry Of Developing Countries.Department of Civil Environmental. Ylln, M. (2012). Agile project management in the construction industry - An inquiry of the opportunities in construction projects.Real Estate and Construction Management.

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“Ogres are like onions” Essay Example Essay Example

â€Å"Ogres are like onions† Essay Example Paper â€Å"Ogres are like onions† Essay Introduction The film ‘Shrek’, released in 2001, is enormously popular. It appeals to everyone – adults, teenagers and children. The film has â€Å"layers† meaning people see the film at different levels. Initial interest first arose around ‘Shrek’ because of the computer generated graphics the film used, which at the time of release were a very new and original at the time of release, which in turn attracted people to see the film, to see this ‘new’ form of medium. Another reason for this initial popularity is the cast list, which features voiceovers from some very famous, well-liked, funny actors and actresses who have good reputations amongst the public. The film also featured lots of new, modern and popular music from ‘fashionable’ music artists. However after this initial interest arose, more and more people decided to watch ‘Shrek’ especially families, and ‘Shrek’ still is a popular film. But how did the films producers achieve this overall popularity for ‘Shrek’?One reason for ‘Shrek’s’ popularity is the traditional fairytale elements it contains. The film immediately begins with an old leather bound book. An old, conventional voice reads the traditional fairytale beginning – â€Å"Once upon a the tallest room at the top of the tallest tower.but none prevailed.† Being at the start, this sets the scene for what is to come. All the usual fairytale characters are featured too all collected from different stories. We see the Three Pigs, the Wolf that blew their house down, Pinocchio, Peter Pan, the Gingerbread man and many more. ‘Shrek’ also has a traditional storyline – the knight’s quest to save the beautiful princess. This feature works well because a lot of people know about fairytales, meaning that parents would be prepared to bring their children along to see the film, because the fairytale sto ryline guarantees that the film will be child friendly, leaving parents satisfied that they can bring their children to see the film therefore increasing the overall popularity of the film because children are a large type of group who visit the cinema. All this is what one would expect from a boring old fairytale.Yet not all is this way. One feature that makes ‘Shrek’ so well-liked is the clever way in which the films’ producers manager to ‘subvert’ the fairytale. It is this that makes ‘Shrek’ so funny making the film popular. Whereas all the roles for a traditional fairytale are there, the characters that play them are wrong and mixed up in some way. The rescuer of the princess isn’t the handsome prince people would expect – it’s actually a green, smelly, ugly ogre. The princess too is supposed to be a beautiful princess yet she ‘unfortunately’ turns into an ogre at night. Eventually the two ogres fall in love which the audience find amusing because it’s the most unlikely relationship. The ‘fierce’ dragon is mixed up too. On first impression the dragon is nasty and wants to eat the good characters. Yet it turns out to be a girl dragon that falls in love with the donkey. The dragon then changes and becomes friendly and helpful to Shrek. The King is another example of a subverted role. In usual fairytales the king is powerful, great and strong. He is the ruler and in charge. Yet in ‘Shrek’, Lord Farquaad is a midget. ‘Shrek’ also subverts ideas from other fairytale themes. One notable example is where Fiona sings to the blackbirds to get their eggs for breakfast which is a parody of Princess Aurora in a scene of Disney’s classic film Sleeping Beauty, where the princess is seen singing to birds and other woodland creatures. That adds a critical ‘twist’ to the film, which needs to be there to keep the interest of the a udience there, especially teenagers and adults, which the fairytale plot won’t appeal to as much as the children. This therefore keeps children entertained, yet teenagers and adults, who see the film also entertained, making ‘Shrek’ truly a family film.’Shrek’ also has lots of modern elements in which add to the humour and fun the film provides. Examples of this include the modern soundtrack the film has throughout which contrast with the traditional music seen for example in Disney films. The rock and pop music seen in ‘Shrek’ help to attract children and teenagers, whom the majority of will listen to this sort of music. Some of the props seen in ‘Shrek’ are from modern day life too, which the audience find amusing and interesting because they are items they see at home or on television, mixed into this fairytale story. An example of this is the cocktail Lord Farquaad is drinking after the knight’s tournament. It is very over the top with a cherry in much like drinks seen in modern day cocktail bars and is not the traditional ale one would expect him to be drinking which again adds to the humour of the film. Another instance of a modern day object is Lord Farquaad’s castle seen which Shrek and Donkey encounter trying to get Shrek’s swamp back. Several things in the castle are modern for instance the animated information booth found in the courtyard. Both music and dance are modern and funny and is a favourite with viewers. The castle also has a parking area called ‘Lancelot’ similar to Madame Tussaud attractions like Alton Towers which is funny and modern which appeals to viewers who might have visited Alton Towers for example. Some more examples of modern day life in Shrek are the tournament which Lord Farquaad holds where instead of a traditional jousting fight, it is like a modern day wrestling match and another example is matrix style fighting Fiona performs agai nst Robin Hood. By having lots of modern day life modifications, ‘Shrek’ gives the audience something to relate to and also adds an interesting and humourous twist to the film. This helps account for ‘Shrek’s’ enormous popularity.However it is as easy as it sounds to put modern elements into a film like ‘Shrek’. Not just any contemporary objects or themes can be put in. They need to fit in with the film and compliment the storyline. The elements also need to be suitable for the target audience, which is aimed at everyone meaning some elements would not be suitable to fit into ‘Shrek’. Examples would be adult material or things to do with war like a nuclear bomb. These would bring the age certificate up meaning a reduced audience, less revenue and perhaps the film being criticised by the press. So this is another way the film has become popular – by the film makers carefully and thoughtfully inserting the modern elemen ts and making sure modern themes that wouldn’t fit in are left out.The dialogue in ‘Shrek’ is also important for ‘Shrek’s’ popularity. The dialogue is crucial because the audience hear it all the time. A good dialogue is important because it affects the film. The dialogue greatly varies with ‘Shrek’ and changes with the mood of the story. The dialogue makes the film funny a lot of the time by Eddie Murphy who makes jokes which can make an awkward or boring situation interesting. An example of this is when Shrek and Donkey have just reached the castle where the princess is being held. The castle is dark, big and scary and is in the middle of a lake of lava. Normally this would be quite a scary scene yet Donkey cheers up the situation with his humour – implying Shrek had â€Å"cracked one off† which is both modern language and funny especially for younger children.There are lots of other examples of this modern dialogu e in ‘Shrek’ too. Near the beginning of the film when the guards approach Shrek for Donkey, the words â€Å"designated settlement facility† are used. The words would seem out of place normally but with Shrek, this modern vocabulary just seems to fit in. Old-fashioned, traditional vocabulary is also used such as that used by the princess like â€Å"yonder window† and â€Å"champion†. The dialogue in ‘Shrek’ gets the film good reviews from the press, because it’s so clever and good, bring more people in, increasing popularity.’Shrek’ has lots of ambiguity in it. Mostly this is in dialogue form such as where Shrek says â€Å"Well I have to save my ass† which is true in one way because Shrek needs to fetch Donkey from the dragon yet also true in another, because Shrek needs to get out the castle without getting caught by the dragon and hence saving his life. By using clever ambiguous dialogue like this, the film creates an interest point – did you see it as this meaning, or the other, or perhaps even both? Different groups of people may see it in different ways like children, teenagers and adults. This gives the film humour also because of the dialogue used to create the ambiguity.Psychology also plays a small part in making ‘Shrek’ a good film and therefore popular. Psychology is all about the mind, thoughts, and behaviour. Psychology can be very subtle and this adds depth to the film. An example is the language Donkey uses with Dragon. â€Å"I’m not emotionally ready for a physical relationship.unwanted physical contact† and also Shrek says so interesting things â€Å"sometimes things are more than they appear† and â€Å"I’m not your type†. This dialogue is clever because we have a cartoony, fun, fairytale style story yet we have this deep feelings coming out, which would normally be seen in older, more complex films. With this techni que, ‘Shrek’ can appeal to older viewers such as parents who have taken their children to see the film and therefore creates a larger audience making it more popular.There is another way that ‘Shrek’ appeals to an older audience through too. Shrek fits in lots of adult ‘stuff’ which is very clever because it appeals to adults and teenagers yet not being to obscene or offensive for children. This is sometimes dialogue like which tends to be humorous like when Shrek says â€Å"sure it’s big enough but look at the location†. This is a parody of estate agents and shows like ‘Location Location Location’. Children wouldn’t understand it at all, but adults would. Another example is Robin Hood’s dance. The dance is very homosexual and Robin Hood is portrayed as gay. Adults find this funny, but children are not left out because the dance itself is humorous. It is seen at different levels.In conclusion I have lear nt why and how ‘Shrek’ has become and still is a popular film. It achieves this popularity by the numerous techniques used in the film. The main reason I think there is for how popular the film is, is the humour it has. Lots of techniques create this, like the subverting of the fairytale, the dialogue and the modern day elements. Through this the film becomes very funny and attracts lots of attention. Another important reason for how well-liked ‘Shrek’ is how ‘Shrek’ can be seen at different levels. It appeals to different groups of people, and is attractive to them for different reasons. Adults enjoy the adult humour cleverly put in; children enjoy the fairytale story line, and the funny characters. All this makes ‘Shrek’ an enjoyable, humorous, family movie. That is why ‘Shrek’ is such a popular and well liked film. â€Å"Ogres are like onions† Essay Thank you for reading this Sample!

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Which Foreign Language Should You Take in High School

Which Foreign Language Should You Take in High School SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips Part of being a high school student is making a lot of decisions about which classes to take. While your foreign language courses may not be as critical to colleges as, say, which math classes you took,they are still something colleges look at and use to determine if you'd be a good fit for their school. Also, if you play your cards right, the language you choose to study in high school could have a big impact on your future. I chose to study French and with my language skills I have been able to participate in an exchange with French high school students, get a job improving African schools, and spend a year in France teaching English. I'll go over what colleges look for in foreign language study as well as the steps you need to follow in order to choose the best language for you. Do Colleges Care Which Foreign Language You Take? Nope!College admissions officers do not view certain languages as harder or more impressive than othersbecause all foreign languages require time and dedication to learn and all provide benefits.This is great news because it means you can choose which language to study based on your interests! The only exception to this would be if you chose to study a language you already learned while growing up. Some colleges ask for your native language(s) in their applications and seeing you take classes for a language you already know won't impress them. So What Do Colleges Look for in Your Foreign Language Courses? Colleges look fordepthof foreign language study, not breadth, so they want to see that you'vestudied one language for several years. Studying one language for three or four years is much more difficult than taking introductory classes inseveral different languages, and it also shows that you have the ability to build off previous knowledge and stick with a subject. Many colleges require applicants to have completedtwo or three years of foreign language study, and most top schools highly recommend or require four years. The average high school student completes two years of foreign language study, but even if that is all that is required by the colleges you are interested in,studying a foreign language longer is always betterand will make your application stronger. Most students in the US begin their foreign language study at least by middle school, so if you took Mandarin in 8th grade and want to switch to Spanish next year, high schools usually allow that, and it won't negatively impact your college applications as long as you stick with the new language throughout high school. The best things you can do to make your foreign language study a strength on your college applications are tostick to one language, take a course in that language each year, and get good grades in those courses. Choose one foreign language and stick with it throughout high school. Image via Valencia College. How to Choose the Best Foreign Language toStudy Choosing a subject to study for four years while getting good grades requires a lot of time and dedication. Studying a foreign language is different from other subjects because people get frustrated and want to stop not because the material is too difficult (after all toddlers in other countries are learning it), but because learning another language can often feel boring, tedious, and never-ending. There will come a time (probably many, many times) while studying a foreign language when you become frustrated and want to quit. Simply knowing yet another verb tense or vocabulary word will not always be enough to keep you motivated.You'll need a bigger reason to keep wanting to learn. Here are two ways to stay motivated: 1. Choose a Language That Relates to Your Career Goals When I was in high school, I made the decision to study French because I wanted to do international development work in Africa. Since France used to rule several African countries, millions of Africans speak French, and I knew that if I could speak French too, that might help me get a job. For some career fields,knowing a certain language can make you more employable or better at your job, and reminding yourself that your language skills could help with your future job search can provide an incentive to keep learning a foreign language. Ask Yourself: What Type of Career Do I Want? This doesn't have to be a specific job; a broad career field is fine. Are you interested in business? Do you think you might want to study medicine? Below are five of the most popular foreign languages high school students study and some of the fields those languages are most used in. See if any of them match the type of job you'd like to have. Having a future career in mind can help you choose which language to study Spanish By far the most common foreign language to study in the US 405 million native speakers, mostly in Spain, North America, and South America 2nd most common language spoken in the US Because Spanish is spoken so widely in the United States, it is useful for many professions. It's particularly valuable for students planning to work in medicine or social work (so they can assist people who cannot speak English but may need immediate help), people interested in doing service work in Central or South America, and those considering customer service jobs. High school Spanish is a solid choice that many students take - you generally can't go wrong with this. French 74 million native speakers, mostly in Western Europe and Western and Central Africa Official language of the United Nations, the International Olympic Committee, and NATO Because many international organizations use French, it is most valuable for students planning careers in diplomacy or international relations, as well as those who would like to work in or with Africa. Also, because Africa's economy has the potential to boom in the near future, French can be useful for business students looking to capitalize on the continent's growth. Mandarin Chinese Rapidly growing in popularity as a foreign language to study 955 million native speakers, mostly in China Spoken by 1/5 of the world's population With China continuing its huge economic growth, many US businesses have operations in the countryand are working with Chinese corporations, making Mandarin useful for students planning to study business. Unlike the other languages in this list, Chinese is not written with the Roman alphabet, so it's an interesting challenge to learn as an English speaker. German 89 million native speakers, mostly in Western Europe 2nd most common language in science and technology fields 3rd most common language to publish books in Germany has one of the world's largest economies, and the country is also a leader in scientific and technological innovations. Learning German would be most valuable for those planning to study banking, science, engineering, and publishing. If you're interested in science, German may be a good language to consider studying Latin "Dead language", no cultures use it as a native language anymore The Romance languages (including French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian) descended from Latin and currently include 800 million native speakers While there are no longer any native speakers of Latin, this language is still useful for those interested in careers in linguistics or students planning to learn multiple languages. Many words in the Romance languages come from Latin roots, and once you have mastered Latin, learning the Romance languages becomes a much quicker process. Remember, these are just suggestions. It's perfectly ok to take Mandarin even if you want to be a doctor or Latin if you plan on a career in business.It's sticking with the language and getting closer to fluency that's most important. So what's the best way to make sure you keep studying the language? 2.Choose a Language That Is Interesting to You Remember when I mentioned being frustrated and bored while studying a foreign language? Having a genuine interest in the language will give you motivation to keep studying it, maybe even years after you graduate high school. How do you know which language you'll find most interesting? Ask yourself the following questions: Do Any of My Hobbies Relate to a Foreign Language? This is an important consideration. Connecting a hobby to your foreign language study can make you enjoy that hobby more and motivate you to continue learning the language. Make a list of your hobbies and see if any of them tie-in to a specific language. There are a lot of possibilities, so think creatively. Are you into fashion? Italy and France are widely seen as the world's fashion capitals. Do you enjoy reading? Perhaps you could learn a language that will allow you to read classic works of literature in their original language. Do you have a favorite type of food? Cooking traditional recipes from a country can make learning its language more interesting. Or maybe you're really into anime or Asian dramas? If your school teaches a language like Japanese or Korean, you could one day enjoy those shows without subtitles. Where Do I Want to Travel? Do you dream of eating croissants in Paris or walking along Venice's canals? Thinking about a dream vacation to a country where the language you are learning is spoken can give you an extra boost of motivation. Grab a globe or a map of the world, pick out your top travel destinations, and see if your school teaches any of the languages spoken in those places. Your travel goals can help you decide which language to study Which Languages Sound the Best to Me? This may seem like a minor consideration, but most languages sound very different from one another, and since you'll be hearing it a lot as you practice, you want to make sure you choose a language you enjoy listening to. Search for videos on YouTube or listen to foreign radio or tv stations to hear different languages and get an idea of which ones you enjoy listening to. Do I Know Anyone Who Speaks These Languages? Perhaps you have grandparents who speak Japanese or a neighbor who speaks Spanish. Communicating with friends and family members in their native tongue can help strengthen your relationship with them along with giving you lots of speaking practice. How Similar Do I Want This Language to Be to English? Some languages, such as Mandarin and Arabic, can be more difficult and time-consuming to learn in the beginning because the way they look and sound is so different from English. Ask yourself if you'd prefer to try something completely new or if you would feel more comfortable sticking to a language closer to English such as Spanish, French, or German. You can do an internet search for "beginner lessons in [your language of interest]" to find free introductory lessons for any language and get a feel for what learning it would be like. Do I Want a Lot of Opportunities to Speak This Language? Is being able to easily practice your speaking skills outside the classroom important to you? If you’d like to have a lot of other speakers nearby, choose a more popular language like Spanish where many libraries, hospitals, etc. appreciate bilingual volunteers. If not, you can be open to less commonly used languages, such as Latin. The bottom line is that the way to stay interested in a language so that you study it for multiple years and get high grades like colleges want to see is to remember the big picture. Learning a new language is more than conjugating verbs and memorizing the gender of nouns. Knowing another language can introduce you to people and parts of the world you wouldn’t have experienced otherwise. Keep that in mind when deciding on a language and choose one whichwill hold your interest outside the classroom and encourage you to push your boundaries. What's Next? Thinking about whichother classes to take in high school? Take a look at our guides to choosing which math and science classes to take and start planning your schedule. Trying to decide whether to take the ACT or the SAT? Read our guide to figure out which test you'll score higher on! Are you considering summer academic programs for middle school and high school students? Learn about the SIG, CTY, and Stanford EPGY programs to see if one of them might be right for you. Want to improve your SAT score by 160 points or your ACT score by 4 points? We've written a guide for each test about the top 5 strategies you must be using to have a shot at improving your score. Download it for free now:

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Shaping the foundation of racial independence through social Assignment

Shaping the foundation of racial independence through social revolution - Assignment Example This essay discusses that for hundreds of years, blacks and other minority races were considered as little more than speaking animals to the elite aristocracy, unable to be in the ranks of polite or civilized society, not allowed to seek education, and certainly not allowed to hold important or political offices. The racial inequality in this standardized caste system is such that it hinders social evolution as a whole by accepting as custom that people of a different skin color hold less value than those of white descent. With that said, a close look will be taken into the social revolution that sparked racial equality during the War of Independence between 1808 and 1824 in Spanish America to illustrate the role of minorities and the significant power they attained by refusing to further be defined by the color of their skin. There are at least three leading arguments proposed by George Reid Andrew, John Lynch, and Marixa Lasso that expound upon how the minority races took strides i n shaping the revolutionary efforts for racial equality by abolishing the caste system as well as illustrating how the elite reacted to the activism and consequent construction of the newly defined nation-states. To begin with, George Reid Andrew’s Afro-Latin America entitled â€Å"Our New Citizens, the Blacks: The Politics of Freedom, 1810-1890,† notes that â€Å"at the same time that the slaves were using the openings created by the independence wars to pursue freedom and emancipation, free blacks and mulattoes were capitalizing on wartime conditions to strike down the colonial racial laws.† 1.† Andrew makes an important distinction in his discourse of the minority groups as he defines the separation also felt by the slaves and the free blacks and mulattoes in that even in a minority situation where camaraderie would have ensured political success, still the priorities differed. Even though they shared an ethnicity and were similarly oppressed within the caste system, still they fought the same battle separately. Luckily, this dissention didn’t hinder the social revolution because as â€Å"nineteenth-century jurist Peridigao Malheiro described slavery [was] ‘a volcano†¦a bomb ready to explode with the first spark,’ and slave rebellion was most likely, he noted, during periods when the free population was divided by internal disputes and conflict2.† In this, the minorities held power they might not even have known to exist because the caste system was ready for collapse; it was only a matter of time. Essentially, the caste system in Spanish America was one dictated from birth and based purely upon the color of one’s skin. This meant that no one could ever move above their caste (unless they were a woman and lucky enough to marry a man of lighter skin tone), and that those in the elite levels held ultimate control over society because they were granted certain inalienable assets and power. In pe rhaps the most poignant definition of the inherent impact the caste system held over those in the lower castes, Andrew cites a satirical poem from a newspaper in Rio de Janeiro â€Å"about a planter’s efforts to hire newly freed libertos to work on his plantation3.† In the poem, â€Å"the writer leaves no doubt of the damage done to these former slaves by slavery: the liberto’s crippled condition, his shortness of breath4,† and finally, his refusal to be defined by the color of his skin when being directly referred to as ‘black.’ In comparison, in an excerpt from John Lynch’s The Spanish American Revolutions 1808-1826 entitled â€Å"Revolution in the Rio de la Plata,† Lynch highlights that, pressed by economic expansion and cracks within the current aristocratic mores, revolutionaries made decisive militant advances and found leadership under Pedro Domingo Murillo and Jose Antonio Medina. The minorities created an official annou ncement that â€Å"now [was] the time to organize a new system of government, founded upon the interests of our country which is